So about…me.

I’m not your average human, but I’m that different either. I grew up in a Democratic Catholic family. My parents, although they had many strong opinions about things, encouraged me to be open-minded. This trait of open-mindedness grew in me so much that I am always on a quest to finding new information, or understanding others opinions. I have learned from experience, that even the strongest argument looks like the weakest when one doesn’t acknowledge others’ opposing opinions, and when one doesn’t listen to others when they criticize one’s idea.

The more one knows about how an idea is bad, the more one can improve it. One cannot know how one’s idea is bad, until one opens one’s mind to others’ opinions.

Back in elementary school, I remember I was very weird. Mostly annoying. I did not know how to fit in, and so I was probably afraid of being forgotten, of being alone. To resolve my issue, of having no friends, I did crazy things to stand out. I would run around the playground and talk to random peers of mine I hardly knew, “Hi! Will you be my friend?” Of course, this was out-of-the-ordinary and they didn’t want to xD

So, I was left to make my own friends.

At school, during recess, I would pace back and forth speaking to myself for hours. This gave me the power of being able to talk to others very well. 🙂

I would also use things around the house as “fellows”. (Since my parents were way too cheap to buy me real toys and dolls. This gave me the power of seeing things in a creative way, and my imagination capacity was x10’ed.

By middle school, I had mastered the power of story telling and talking, but had developed new problems:

I talked too much, and was not a very good listener.

Part of this was the remnants of my elementary school loneliness fear. I wanted people listen to me now, because I feared I would be forgotten. I thought, If I have good stories, nobody will forget me!

What I failed to realize was that when you talk to much, your words lose value.

The demand for one’s words should be greater than or equal to how many one puts out.

Anyways, you get it. I talked to much, so I was still sort of annoying.

I learned though, by meeting people who were worse than me, that I should listen more. I realized quickly from others that when people didn’t listen to me, or talked to me way too much, I got frustrated and annoyed.

In the end though, it all comes back to having an open mind.

I remember one boy in particular who believed that everything written about in the bible was true. Well, in my opinion, this is false. I am not saying that anyone who has this opinion is wrong, but I have a different opinion. (Since I don’t want this to be about religion I will not talk about it)

I tried to tell him my opinion, but he didn’t want to listen. In fact, he tried to tell me that his opinion was correct, and that mine was wrong. I noticed that he did not have very much information to back up his argument, and instead of telling me why my argument was wrong, he just said it was.

I noticed myself, an eighth grader, trying to convince this boy I was right. I also noticed that I knew as much about my opinion as he did about his. I was just as ignorant.

By not listening to others, and only listening to myself, I wasn’t learning anything. From that day forward, whether I noticed it or not at the time, I started listening to others more, being more open-minded.

Now I have learned from myself, and my opinions have grown much stronger because of it.

Two things however I promise I will never do, is try to force an opinion on anyone, nor will I become close-minded on any side of any argument.

But, this blog isn’t about any of this at all, so… LET’S PARTAY!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Emily May 2, 2011 at 2:03 AM #

    “But this blog isn’t about any of this at all” – haha, that cracked me up! I love your idea of just writing whatever comes to mind, be it fictional or not. Godspeed on your blogging adventure! It’s a ton of fun 😉

  2. Jennifer Avventura May 4, 2011 at 10:03 PM #

    Great stuff here.

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